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Seiko Mods

What is Seiko Mods? A Seiko Mod is exactly what it sounds like. It's a Seiko that has been modified to look however you choose. This is very popular and gives you that one of a kind watch that you had a hand in designing. You get a Seiko watch that has a proven track record since 1895. So your not just designing a watch that no one has heard of, your designing your own Seiko watch. The Seiko SKX007 is the most popular Seiko that modifications are made for. Modifications include the type of band, the type of bezel, the type and color of bezel insert, the type of crystal, the type and color of chapter ring, the type of hands, the type and color of dial (face) and the type of movement.

SKX007: This is the Seiko SKX007, the most popular watch that is modifiable. This watch might not be the style or look that you care for but believe me, if you have an imagination, then this watch is for you. It is a very durable watch that has a 7S26 automatic mechanical movement. It comes with a silicone band or for a little more you can get it with a metal band. It can take a leather band or a Nato band if that is more your style. Color, not a problem because the choice of colors that is available can make this watch the colors of your favorite sports team or just a color that looks good on your. This style of watch is a Diver watch because it is good for diving being water resistant to 200 meters deep. You say you don't care for the rotating bezel, they make a solid, secure bezel for this watch that completely changes the look and style of this watch. Below is just some of the modifications that are available for this watch and some examples of modified watches.

Here is a simple Mod. The bezel has been removed and a fixed smooth beveled bezel has been put on. The band has also been replaced with a metal band. You may also notice that the hands have been changed as well. These hands are a bit larger and easier to see, same style but just a bit larger. Also, the second hand has been changed to a yellow second hand. Although these look like two completely different watches, they are not. Same watch as the above watch but has just been modified for a different look. 

Want your watch to match the color of your sports car? We can do that. This Seiko SKX007 has a new yellow & black NATO band as well as a matching yellow dial (face). The hands have been changed as well as a mirrored finish chapter ring. This dial (face) also is made to only display the date, not the day & date. The modified dials (face) do not say SEIKO because these are aftermarket parts, but we can also have the original dial refinished to any color, keeping it original but just changing the color. So many choices and decisions.

Here again, this watch started out like the one at the top of this page but has been modified with a metal oyster style band, a blue & black (batman) bezel insert and a new set of hands. They kept the original black dial (face) where many people opt to go with a blue dial to match the blue in the bezel insert. Either way, this is a good look.

Some customers buy their modified parts off of sites such as ebay and bring them to The Watch Doctor to install. While other customers come in and pick out the parts and have The Watch Doctor order the parts and do the work. This takes the chance of ordering the wrong parts out of the equation. Either way, The Watch Doctor is here for you. Give me a call and lets get started in designing the watch for you or a loved one. Please give plenty of lead time if this will be for a gift because these modifications does take time to get the parts in and change over.

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