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Complete Overhaul

A complete overhaul includes the complete disassembly of the watch case, band, and movement. The case and band are ultrasonically cleaned, polished, and refinished. This process removes scuff marks and scratches . The movement is ultrasonically cleaned in special cleaning solutions, and then reassembled and lubricated. The movement is electronically calibrated and placed into the case. The completed watch is pressure tested to check water resistance. The watch is then subjected to a time test to assure accuracy before delivery.

Pressure Test

Most watches are water-resistant, however no watch is truly waterproof. A water-resistant watch has gaskets that help protect the case against average water pressure at a stated pressure or depth. Your watch should be pressure tested every time the case is opened to perform any inspection or service to test for potential leaks and its ability to maintain the manufacturers original pressure standards. Although this process proves the watch to be water tight, I do not guarantee water resistance. This is due to, the watch is not considered water resistant unless the crown is completely screwed down tight. I have had several people that bring their watch back to tell me that they went diving in their watch and it leaked. Once opened, it is easy to tell if the leak came from the customer neglecting to screw the crown down tight. For this reason, I do not include water resistance in my 6 month warranty although it will be tested. Water resistance is the responsibility of the wearer. 

The cost for this service is $425 for all Rolex's except Daytona's.

Daytona service is $725.


When should I service my watch?

Your Rolex should be serviced around every 5 years. Why? Well, oil and grease that our Rolex's are lubricated with can dry up, causing your watch to run slow or stop. Your gaskets on your watch can dry out and crack, causing water leakage and damage to the watch. A common misconception among many is that high-end timepieces do not have to be serviced regularly. Just like other luxury items that need routine maintenance, so does your Rolex. You might be making a drastic error in the future, by thinking that your Rolex does not need to be serviced regularly. Don't wait for a problem to happen, get routine maintenance on your Rolex.

What to expect when you bring your Rolex to the Watch Doctor?

First I listen to why you are bringing your Rolex in for repair. Is it for a routine service or is there something going on with the watch? Second, I will open your Rolex right there in front of you and record all serial numbers for you along with taking pictures of your Rolex's serial number and pictures of the movement and movement serial number. This is for your protection, because I have heard too many times about customers being worried that someone might switch the movement out with a fake movement. The pictures and all serial numbers will be logged and printed out on your receipt if you ask. After your approval, I will completely disassemble your watch. This means every piece in your movement will be taken apart and placed in little baskets. Your basic Rolex has over 100 pieces. All will be placed in little baskets which go in a cleaning machine which cycle through three different watch cleaning solutions. While this is being done, your case and band are disassembled, scratches buffed out and placed in a ultra sonic bath. Then the case and band are rinsed and dried out via heat. Then your watches movement is reassembled, oiled, lubed and demagnetized prior to being placed on a timing machine to adjust your watches timing back to factory timing. Then the watch is placed back in the case and ready for pressure testing. After all of that, the watch is observed for at least 24 hours for time keeping and date change. Then you will be contacted that your Rolex is ready for pick up. 

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