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Reviews from customers of The Watch Doctor

So thrilled to return a precious item to my Aunt Betty. She entrusted her (broken) original Mickey Mouse watch to me in April. I entrusted it to Jeff Broughton (The Watch Doctor) for its repair. He did a beautiful job -- it runs!!! He was so sweet to include an original Mickey Mouse watch box for it's return. My Aunt is so happy to have it back and to hear it run!!! I know it means the world to her.



My father's Omega Seafarer had not been used in over 35 years, Jeff was able to get cleaned up and working nicely.  Looks great too!  The price was fair and done in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Jeff!



I am very pleased that I found the Watch Dr. to service my Rolex watch. A jewelry store quoted me double the amount to do the same work. He looked at my Rolex and gave me two options for repair. One option was to replace the mainspring for $70 the other, $425 to additionally clean the watch. I opted for the $425 service. When I took it to a local jewelry store they gave me no options and said it needed to be cleaned and serviced for a cost of $1200. My Rolex watch runs perfectly and is warrantied for one year. I would highly recommend the Watch Dr. He is very honest and does great work.



This is one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a long time. I called the watch doctor on a Sunday on a holiday weekend and he was able to see me that day. I drove out to his lovely house in grove city where he operates his business. He fixed the watch in about 5minutes while I waited. Not only is he a seasoned professional, he is also a super nice guy. His prices are far lower than any of the other watch repair shops that I contacted. One of which I later found out would have just sent it to him anyway.
If you have a watch that needs any type of repair or maintenance and you want it to be serviced by a professional who's got decades of experience and who will treat you with excellent customer service then I highly re recommend the Watch Doctor



Operates out of his Grove City address.  Knows his stuff.  Was able to take my watch apart (down to it's most basic parts) in less than a minute or two.  And then put it back together when he found the right part.  The watch now is waterproof again, and keeps great time (the Mondaine is the official swiss timepiece of the swiss railroad system).  So glad, too.  I really love this watch, and I'm a bit of watch nut myself, but I can't really afford to collect all the ones I want, so I just have about a half dozen, and the Mondaine definitely is the better looking of the bunch.  Real modern art-looking.  Back to the Watch Doctor: great work, great price, fixed on the spot.



Jeff is very professional. I found his business through an internet search, emailed him for an appointment, and when I arrived I was very impressed with his shop. The pressure testing of the watch only took a few minutes. Awesome service and I would highly recommend him to repair any watch. Glad to know there is a local business I can trust to work on my watches.



My Bell & Ross decided to work intermittently.  I gave it to Watch Doctor for repair and it seemed to run fine  for sometime, but then months later continued to work whenever it felt up to it.  Watch Doctor checked it out again for free, did a few additional changes and now it works like ...well, like a Swiss watch!  I have used Watch Doctor several times, he is the ticket.



Jeff is great.  He provides a great services and an extremely fair price.  He's very honest about the work that he does and tries to provide the least expensive option.  Communication was easy via email and everything was done as explained and on the agreed timeline.  I wouldn't hesitate to go to him again and I plan to as I have several other watches that need periodic service.



I called Jeff to get an estimate on getting my Seiko automatic dive repaired. The watch had been running about 30 seconds slow per day. Jeff called me back immediately and we set up a time for me to bring my watch to him.  Jeff had my watch adjusted and running accurately within five minutes.
I would definitely use Jeff again. He was very knowledgable and friendly. If you have any watch repairs, he's the guy to go to in Central Florida.



I really enjoyed meeting Jeff.  He is very professional.  Learned the trade from his dad.  We met in his workshop located in his home.  There were many watches and bins with parts.  He told me that he works for both jewelry shops and private customers.  He seemed very knowledgeable and worked on my watches in my presence while I waited.  Can't get any better than that!  He answered all of my questions which was quite educational.  My watches now run and run on time.  Thank you Jeff.  I already passed out some of your cards.


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