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The prices below reflect a recent price increase due to the price of cleaning solutions, oils, and replacement parts going up. 

Watch Doctor Repair Prices:

Battery                                             $7.00

Band adjustment                             $10.00

Crystals                                           $25.00 and up

Crown (winder knob)                       $20.00 and up

Stem                                                $20.00 and up

Gasket                                             $5.00 and up

Balance Staff                                   $55.00 and up

Main Spring                                      $55.00 and up

Overhaul (cleaning):

Quartz watches                               $75.00

Manual wind                                     $75.00

Automatic                                         $85.00

Kenetic & Eco Drive                        $90.00

Antique Watches                             $125.00 and up

Chronographs                                 $175.00 and up

High Grade Watches                      $175.00 and up

Rolex                                                 Check the Rolex page for pricing.

These prices are estimates, until we actually see your watch we will not give you an actual repair price.

All estimates are free except for actual shipping charges.

If you send your watch to me, please insure the shipment and I will insure for the same value on the return shipment.

Other repairs not listed above are by Estimate Only.

Minimum charge on any repair is $10.00.

Antique watches are considered any watch over 50 years old.

High Grade watches are considered any watch retailing over $1,500.00

 What is done during an overhaul:

  • Total disassembly of the watch & movement.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of all internal parts.

  • Inspection for corrosion/friction fatigue.

  • Proper Lubrication .

  • Replacement of all gaskets.

  • Water-pressure test on divers watches and high grade watches.

  • Timing calibration.

  • Polish case and band.

  • Ultra sonic cleaning of case and bands after polished.

  • -4/+6 official COSC timing test.

  • One year warranty. I do no guarantee water resistance. Although every watch will be re-sealed for water-resistance before leaving my shop, there are many variables that cans cause a water leak that can be caused by the person wearing the watch. For this reason, I cannot warrant water-resistance.

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