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​Why are Swiss made watches considered better?

All too often, the heart of a watch – its movement – is unfairly overlooked. Yet a watch’s design is strongly influenced by the movement. Switzerland is considered the watch country of the world, making better quality watches. Watches made in China & Japan are typically less expensive and that is for a reason. They make their parts out of plastic where Swiss made watches are known for making their parts out of metals. When you are talking about parts that are so small they can’t even be seen by the naked eye, those parts needs to be durable because watches get knocked around and sometimes even dropped. Not all Japan made watches are cheaply made but, those made with metal parts and jewels come at a price. Example is the Grand Seiko.

What is the difference between watch crystals?

The crystal of a watch is the glass piece that is on the front of the watch. There are basically three types of watch crystals, plastic, mineral glass and sapphire. Plastic crystals can scratch very easy and even break. Mineral crystals are more durable than plastic crystals but can still scratch and break, but sapphire crystals are the strongest of all. Scratch proof and very durable makes sapphire crystals the crystal of choice by high grade watch manufactures.


​Jewels, what are they and what do they do?

When a watch has jewels this typicall means a little more quality. Watches have little gears that pivot in a bushing. Those bushings can be just a hole in the plate or a jewel. The jewel is a red sapphire because once again of durability. While the gear pivot is in a hole in the metal plate, that metal can wear over time. Jewels do not wear, keeping the little gears lined up so your watch runs for years to come.

Water resistant watches:
You will see watches are either marked 3 ATM, 5 ATM, 10 ATM or 20 ATM. ATM stands for atmospheresm 3 ATM=30 meters or 100 feet, 5 ATM=50 meters or 165 feet, 10 ATM=100 meters or 330 feet and 20 ATM=200 meters or 660 feet. The watches are tested to these depths by both pressure and vacuum to ensure the seals are good to these depths. No watch will be marked Water Proof anymore. Years ago watch manufactors would mark their watch Water Proof but then in more modern times people were putting these watches to the test by going deeper in the ocean. The deeper you go, more pressure builds up in the watch until something has to give. So, for this reason watch manufactors decided to start marking their watches Water Resistant to certain depths.


Quartz watches compared to Mechanical watches:

Quartz watches run by batteries and have a computer chip in them. These quartz watches accuracy are very reliable. Mechanical watches are watches that run either by winding them or the movement of your wrist. It takes 8 hours of movement to fully wind an automatic watch. But the craftsmanship in these watches is beautiful. Mechanical watches are typically more expensive due to this craftsmanship. Mechanical watches are engineered to run and keep excellent timing. Mechanical watches have parts that beat and have rhythm just like the human heart and they have parts that expand and breath just like the human lungs. All accomplished without a computer chip or battery making this craftsmanship a thing of beauty.


Do you mark the inside of my watch?

I do mark the inside of your watch when I repair it. Why, because it protects the customer and the watch repairman. I mark watches with the number that identifies me by the American Watch and Clockmakers Institute. This will prove when I worked on your watch. So, if you just had your watch fixed a month ago, there is no way I can dispute that with my number and the date I repaired it marked in the back. But, if you say you just had your watch repaired a month ago and the date is 8 months ago, well we know that you are trying to get a free fix under your six month warranty. So, that protects us both.


Do you give a Warranty with your work?

Yes, I give a six month warranty with all full service jobs. A full service job is a complete overhaul and cleaning of your watch. If you just send it to me for a crown or to repair the band then no, I can't warrant the running condition of your watch. That woud be like giving you a warranty for the engine on your car when you get your tires changed. I only give a warranty on the work I actually do. This would all be able to be told by the marking I put on the inside of your watch.

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