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Eco-Drive & Kinetic Watches:
Eco-Drive watches are made by Citizen Watch Company. They say they do not run on batteries, but I will tell you that is just a sales pitch. It is just a rechargeable battery that they simply call a capacitor. I will say, they do last for many years but can lose power without light. Light charges the capacitor, any natural or artificial light source. These capacitors can and do go bad just like a battery dies, but they are much more reliable than the old battery type watches any you have the accuracy of a quartz.
Kinetic Watches are pretty much the same as Eco-Drive watches, they also have a rechargeable battery that they refer to as a "capacitor"  Kinetic watches are charged by the movement of your arm. Movement charges the capacitor in the same fashion the Automatic & Selfwinding watches winds the mainspring. Again, a good watch and the Kinetic feature makes the watch last for many years without any trouble.
Check out the videos:
The Citizen Eco-Drive watch
The Seiko Kinetic watch

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