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If your watch has stopped working, you have two choices. You can either take it to a reputable watch repairman or open the back up yourself and see if you can figure it out. As the saying goes, there are only 2 people that take the back off of a watch, a watch repairman and a fool. So, unless your ready to diagnose something that has over 100 pieces and is the size of a silver dollar, I really suggest that you find a qualified watch repairman. With my 44 years of experience, I believe I have seen just about every type of watch and just about every brand of watch made. I pride myself on being honest and actually showing you the problem with the watch. I try to diagnose the problem right there in front of you. Then once I find the problem, I have a microscope with a screen that I put the watch under and show you the actual problem.


I feel that when you leave your watch with someone for an estimate, you are leaving an open ended estimate. Because unless you know every part in a watch, you could be told anything. That is why taking the time to find the problem and show you while you are there giving you a little better feeling that you're leaving your watch with the right person. 


When I say I believe that I have seen just about everything, the picture to the left is a blown up picture of a watch with a dead bug in it. Now, that was not what the problem was but how does a bug get into a watch? This was a pocket watch and they are not sealed up as good as wrist watches but still, a bug?


I have seen a murder solved by a watch and I have seen a millionaire who had a Rolex and a friend who had an identical Rolex and he tried to bring in his friends watch for warranty work after having his watch serviced, wanting us to believe that it was the same watch that he brought to us the first time. Unfortunately for him, we mark every watch we repair on the inside protecting us from things like this and protects the customer because it dates the repair of the watch for warranty work as well. 

The stories never end and it's just a watch right? No, it's a machine.

If your watch simply has a dead battery, your watch is a heirloom handed down that needs to be restored or your watch just stopped, The Watch Doctor can help. Most of the time, watches are given as gifts, an anniversary, graduation, promotion or handed down as a sentimental gift from grandpa so these time pieces mean something and you don't want to take it to the Kiosk in the mall. Trust someone who you can actually talk to that is the same person that will be doing the repair. Take it to The Watch Doctor. Watches are in my blood, as a second generation watch repairman, I have been around watches my entire life. Don't believe me? Take a look at my page listed as "My Story". 



This site was created by The Watch Doctor, Jeff Broughton.

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